Every few years, a product comes along that completely changes its category. As the iPod has revolutionized the way people listen to music music; as cell phones and wireless internet access has altered the we communicate, so, too, will the way we approach eating change with the introduction of the Conopizza, the first dramatically new way to consume pizza and other foods we love.

Conopizza represent a simple concept ingeniously executed. Conopizza is a savory baked cone that enables people to eat delicious pizza on the go – in the car, at their desk, on the street – using only one hand. There is no danger of spillage. No fear of dripping. The Conopizza is versatile and able to accommodate almost any type of filling. Conopizza reinvent eating pizza by enabling people to enjoy the food they love in almost any situation.

The Conopizza products are suitable for in-stores dining, takeout, kiosks, pizzerias, arenas, colleges and institutions and will be available frozen in the near future.

For more information, email info@conopizza.com.